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Vinci Design Studio at CIFF 2024

Aprile 15, 2024 - Milano, Italy 

Vinci Design Studio

For the 53rd China International Furniture Fair edition CIFF 2024, Vinci Design Studio was present to share our new direction "Crafting for the future" value and to analyze the Chinese furniture industry. We want to share our experience and some take aways from the exhibition with all of our readers.  

Design operates like a powerful force for good, that we need to invest energy in spreading and promoting. For this exhibition, we have adopted a museum-like display approach to convey our studio's vision in a clear and concise manner, aimed at attracting resonant target customers. The theme concept of this exhibition is "Windows of the Future", where the audience can experience our working methods and brand vision comprehensively through showcased videos, lighting, and products. Regarding current office furniture and spatial applications, we still prioritize aesthetic design and functionality, but we believe that new technology-driven innovations will soon emerge. Whether it's new manufacturing processes/materials in the industry or integrated technologies, whoever possesses these advancements will be the industry's competitive leaders. We believe that through this exhibition, the audience can understand Vinci Design Studio's representative works, grasp the longevity of our design style, understand the working methods and styles of European design studios, and comprehend our considerations for future sustainability. For new audiences unfamiliar with us, we will communicate our systematic design approach and its commercial value.


Conceived by the visionary minds of our product and strategy team, the Vinci Design Stand was more than just a collection of furniture pieces; it was an immersive experience designed to communicate our company's new direction to our esteemed clients. Drawing inspiration from the ambiance of a museum exhibition, every element was meticulously curated to evoke a sense of wonder and anticipation for what lies ahead.


Central to our exhibition was the concept of "open to the future," the stand had a striking window that invited visitors to look into something new and exciting. An illuminated chair suspended in a space-like setting invited contemplation, encouraging each guest to envision their own interpretation of the future. This deliberate design choice aimed not merely to sell products but to stimulate conversation, provoke thought, and inspire innovation. Not to sell but to share new insights, making the visitors an unexpected experience in an exhibition product oriented. We offered value and new opportunities for companies to stand out in their markets.


During the exhibition, our founder and design director, Vincenzo Vinci, took the stage to deliver a thought-provoking speech titled "Crafting the Future: A Strategic Approach to Next-Gen Furniture Design." With a keen eye on the role of AI tools in shaping the future of design, Vinci challenged the audience to consider the intersection of technology and creativity. Can AI replace a design studio, or does the human touch remain irreplaceable? These questions sparked lively discussions and underscored our commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional design processes. After the conference we just had feelings of happiness, it is really valuable to share the know-how, and be able to share ideas with people all over the furniture field, from professors up to professionals. This was a great opportunity to spread the culture of design. 


The success of our studio lies not in following trends but in pioneering solutions to real-world problems. Some are already mature, some are improving. From the innovative Yopye system furniture to the versatile modular sofa, each product exemplifies our dedication to adding value beyond mere aesthetics. As we look to the future, our goal remains clear: to solidify our position as a leader in the furniture industry, forging new partnerships, embracing futuristic technologies, and redefining the boundaries of design.


What comes next for the furniture market? More attention in the medication area, hospitals and clinics, retired houses, internal procedures, office, public, school, medication. Chinese design markets are still followers, but a sense of innovation with a defined direction to an approach in terms of collection, systemic products, create a sense of belonging, collaboration, and an overall comfortable image. Companies are adopting an open world mindset, trying to manufacture everything and diversify their portfolio in the market. Generally this year the quality was higher than other, more specialized, fabric, components, design, everything in general. We could appreciate the high value of the investment in design. We saw good quality products, good future ideas, not so much technology integration but used in the proper way. Big improvement in terms of structure, the way the things are built, better design. 


After the exhibition we could notice that many of the companies offered a wide variety of products, leaving behind the specified product development, there are no more boundaries to be respected and a harsh competition is evident. During the exhibition we could notice a big affluence of local companies and local visitors, but we saw lees foreign buyers and clients. After the pandemic and some international restrictions many foreign companies changed to closer suppliers and see China as a difficult option because of logistics. 


In this ever-evolving landscape, exhibitions serve not only as showcases for products but as platforms for dialogue and exchange. As we navigate these uncertain times, our commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration remains unwavering. Together, we will continue to craft the future, one design at a time.

Aprile 15, 2024 - Milano, Italy 

Vinci Design Studio

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